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Eminence Organic Anti-aging Facial                88+

Indulge yourself or a loved one with a decadent treat this Valentines Day. The ultimate in revolutionizing your skin with an Eminence Organic Anti-Aging Facial treatment.  

Start your luxury facial with a hydrating cleansing, exfoliation with a light peel.  Continuing with a 30 minute face, head, neck, shoulder and foot massage, ending with a dessert treatment mask, while arms and hands are massaged. Total relaxation!

We are confident you will love your younger, smoother, and radiant skin.  Refer a friend and they will receive 20% off* regular prices on their first visit and you will receive 20% off* your next visit.  



The Hydra-Facial                                           145+
The Hydra-Facial Plus                                    158+
The Hydra-Facial w/Diamond Abrasion         198+

Quick, relaxing and potent describe this all in one facial without redness or irritation! Due to its patented Hydropeel tip which resuface the skin while simultaneously introducing topically applied serums for deep cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and delivering pharmaceutical-grade SkinMedica™ antioxidants directly into the skin.

*Peels and masques can be added to enhance the service.



The GloEuropean (60mins)                              85

Make your skin Glo™ with a classic tradition! This is a perfect choice for some that has been blessed with genetically good skin but just need a freshness to remove the dullness.



The Rejuvenator (60mins)                               130

A superior skin rejuvenation! We call it the "Power-boost Vitamin Cocktail + Peel for the Face" to help strengthen, regenerate, and maintain the skin.



The Anti-Acne Extraction (45-60mins)           85

This treatment is specially formulated to produce a more balanced and purified skin for acneic types of all ages. After your skin is unplugged and healed, the next stage is to target the removal of scarred spots and refine pores with the The Advanced Peels Treatment or Hydra-Faical Plus+